Where does your dollar go?

Mission/Project Team

Most of the work accomplished at WLF is only possible with help from teams who come to Ukraine from all over the world.  They give time, energy, and financial assistance, working alongside the WLF staff to complete a preplanned project.  These teams work one-on-one with the faculty and children, creating relationships and memories that last a lifetime.


Ongoing Needs

Despite WLF’s best efforts, its children still have ongoing needs that are currently unmet. You can help by providing funds earmarked for any of the following needs:

NeedNumberItem CostTotal Cost
Natasha’s Place (finish renovations)$6,000$6,000
Irina’s House (indoor bathroom)$1,000$1,000
Deck – fix leak, repair floor, add roof$12,500$12,500
Bicycles for children15$100$1,500
Utilities (per month)
    Gas (7 winter months only) **7$5,000$35,000
Dining Room Tables with benches2$1,000$2,000
Industrial Refrigerator2$2,500$5,000
Electric Oven with exhaust1$650$650
Large thermos/urn1$150$150
Soup Pots (Set)1$250$250
Umbrellas for children20$12$240
Bath Towels30$15$450
Towel Bars with Hooks4$25$100

** Because the Children’s Center isn’t yet classified as a “home” under Ukrainian law, its utility bills are extraordinarily high, despite best efforts to conserve energy use.


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