Our Facilities

Nestled in a beautiful small town in Ukraine, the original children’s home founded and run by World Light Foundation, now called Natalya’s Home, opened its doors in September of 2004 to three young brothers, ages 5, 7, and 10, and a 7-year-old girl found on the streets.  Since then, World Light Foundation has clothed, fed, loved, sheltered, educated, and welcomed hundreds of children into Natalya’s Home and the family of God.  World Light Foundation now operates three facilities: Natalya’s Home, Irina’s Place, and the Children’s Center, all in the same picturesque town.


Natalya’s Home

Natalya’s Home provides a home to male teens that have aged out of the orphanage system.  These boys attend technical schools or universities and prepare for vocations that will allow them to live self-sufficient lives in their communities.


Irina’s Place

Irina’s Place is a foster home. This home offers a safe place for young girls to learn and grow.  The girls live in the home with Irina and her daughters.


Children’s Center

Recognizing the value of WLF’s work in its area, the town gave WLF an abandoned school facility.  With the help of many generous donors and mission teams, WLF completed a first phase of renovations on the building, and the former school now serves as the Children’s Center, the largest of WLF’s facilities.  The top floor of the Children’s Center is now fully renovated and serves as the main living area.

Within the walls of World Light Foundation’s facilities lives something marvelous:  the Spirit of God, and hope for orphans and abandoned children.  Most children living in WLF’s facilities come from abusive and neglectful homes or living on the streets.  Unlike in government-run orphanages, children aren’t just clothed and fed; they are given the opportunity to improve their quality of life by growing and learning in a loving, Christ-centered family.

Family Life

World Light Foundation gives children a family.  Children participate in family activities such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry to help prepare them to run their own households in the future.  They also participate in family social activities, such as eating meals and attending church together.  Each evening finds children playing games or watching television in the living room.  Prayer is an important part of life in the WLF homes.

World Light Foundation encourages the children to use their talents and abilities in the local community.  The children participate with confidence in local concerts, athletic teams, and other activities.


Primary education is crucial as a foundation for the children’s future education and lives.  The inclusion of orphans in regular public classrooms isn’t common in Ukraine.  Children in WLF’s care are able to attend public school with other local children.

Given their special emotional, psychological, and medical needs, the children must work very hard to keep up in school.  Tutors come to WLF homes daily to help children with schoolwork.  WLF rewards children for hard work and good grades in school.

The Next Step

Orphaned children regularly suffer from poor education, limited social and employment contacts, and have poor decision-making skills. Statistics show that few can hold a job, and most will resort to a life of crime or prostitution.  To stop this cycle, World Light Foundation offers children continued support after high school.  WLF helps children choose a career and secure necessary training, and they are offered the opportunity to attend trade schools or universities to achieve their goals.