From Natalya: Julie-Marie, Our Special Gift!

Julie - Natalya's daughter
Today, March 29th, is one of those days that is unforgettable in our lives. It is not a day we celebrate or remember with joy. This is the day that our precious daughter, our gift from God was taken back. The Lord gave us Julie-Marie almost 25 years ago, on the 14th of August. Before her, we had 4 sons and Natazshya. Julie-Marie grew up and went through teenage years the usual way. She was an angel on the earth with no evil in her. She loved everyone around her and people paid her back in term. She had one desire, to live in Ukraine at the orphanage and raise the fatherless. She Wanted to be an older sister to them. She loved all and took care of them.

Our last conversation with Julichka, as I fondly called her, was not about what she would like for us to purchase for her or gift her. It was about her desire to have weekly prayer and fasting for one of the kids in the children’s center and for healing. Julie-Marie believed the Lord so much that everything for her all questions led back to prayer. Yes we miss her so much! Its impossible to talk about her without tears, but the tears are different now!

In the little town of Vapnyara, where Julie-Marie lived her last year, we also have a rehabilitation center for people with addictions. Most of the people who end up there are lost, and they have no more family; rejected by society and their families. Julie-Marie accepted these people as her brothers.

Last Sunday, Christians celebrated resurrection day-Easter. Churches were filed with people. Most of them were happy and rejoiced that their Savior was not dead. He is alive, indeed. But today is Tuesday we are back to the grind, with our own problems, needs, and tribulations. Some of us are happy today, and some of us are sad because of losses.
I would like to speak to all of us! He is alive today as much as He was Sunday! He is healing my mother’s heart, with one thought: Julie-Marie is an angel!

She was one here on earth and she is now with Jesus. May the memory of her beautiful, sweet life, help us be a better, sweeter and much bolder, when we touch lives of other people! May we become one day for somebody, an angel, as she was for so many!
Today is eight years since Julie-Marie was taking to heaven in a car accident. Her body is gone, but her spirit and memory will live with us forever until we will meet our dear Lord Jesus Christ and sweet Julichka together! We love you Sladkaya!

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