Handicapped Children & Youth Collaborative! From Natalya Skala, President

I went to Ukraine 3 weeks ago, and it was a very unusual trip. First of all, this was the longest that I had been away since we started work there. We would come to Ukraine yearly, and some years we would visit several times a year. This has been happening since 1993. Every trip has been different from the last.

In the beginning, we would only travel to preach the gospel, but from 2002 and on we worked primarily with orphans.
We opened an orphanage, or what we refer to as the Children’s Center, as part of a non-profit organization. We worked with healthy kids and also children who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We mostly concentrated on helping kids, but also reached out and helped pregnant woman and needy mothers with small children.
When I look back, I feel strongly that we did the work that Jesus commanded us to do here on earth. He brought people the kingdom of the Lord. He fed them, clothed them, and, most importantly, taught them to love. This commandment we focus on today. He gave them Himself, and His love.

Now, looking back, I see that the 17 children that were were given became our family! Most of them already are in universities or colleges, but return to the Children’s Center, their home, for vacations or when they need other help. That is what families do, help each other. They know that family will understand and help!IMG_3852
This trip was unusual from the beginning. A board member told me that the Holy Spirit spoke to her to send me to Ukraine, and provide the necessary funds. This sister felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and although we live states away, He worked on us both. Now that I have returned home, I can attest that this was the Lord Himself! From day one, until the day I was to go home, I saw His mighty hand upon me and the work that needed to be done.

Those who travel great distances know that jet lag is something most everyone suffers from, from one extent to another. I started the trip running, and never slowed down because I did not experience even one day of jet lag.

People that were in some dire financial straits, the Lord brought into my path, and we were able to bless them from the World Light Foundation. One brother’s story touched me so much.

The day before I flew back, we received 2 containers with Humanitarian Aid. So all of us, the Children’s Center team, the rehab center, and brothers and sisters from the Church and I unloaded the containers. As we were unloading, I noticed one of the rehab brothers, Serezhya was limping. I asked him what happened, and he explained that he has an ongoing infection and if he will not undergo surgery, he will likely lose his leg. We, as an organization, were able to bless him. $500 is all it took to save a limb. How shocking for us, in our Western understanding, that $500 will save a Christian brother’s leg. Next week he will be undergoing surgery.


Four new children came to our Children’s Center. One of the kids is a young lady who spent 8 months in juvenile jail, and no one would take her. Spending time with the kids, both new and old, speaking about Christ, and bringing the new ones to Christ, was an honor. But the Lord did not stop his surprises there!

Lubya (Director of the Children’s Center) and I met three women who work with handicapped children and youth.
We began to discuss a collaborative initiative. We showed them our Children’s Center, and now mostly empty building, and immediately the Lord started to show us how we can help such children and their families. Most of the young handicapped people, when they turn 18, go to live in a government institution. There, they are treated like animals in prison.
So, Dear Brothers and Sisters, I want to stop now and invite you to participate with us in the huge work which we will start in the spring. Only in the Vinnitsya region, were Vapnyarka is, and where our building is, has hundreds of kids and youth that have varying degrees of handicap. They need you and I to give them a helping hand.

In a few weeks I will write in detail of what type of classes and programs we will be starting, aimed at these young people. In the meantime, please pray for us: The World Light Foundation and the government of Ukraine. May the Lord give us wisdom and open all necessary doors!

Your smallest sister in Christ,


  1. Dear Ones, Janet and I found the web site and enjoyed the latest report. Hope to see all in Cle Elum yet this year. Blessings

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