Christian Oleksiy Janér – Swedish Representative for The Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans – Україна без сирі

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Fifteen years ago I was an orphan in Ukraine, but the Lord spared me, today I fight for those who were not spared. Today I am 17 years and are Swedish Representative for The Alliance for Ukraine without Orphans (Україна без сирі). I was born in 1998 in Kiev, my mother handed me the day I was born to the orphanage, I was handed over to the hands of God, he would decide my fate. The Christian community was united in Ukraine – I was adopted to Sweden to two wonderful parents who embraced me with love and hope.

When I was little, I felt like the forgotten son of Ukraine, but one night I heard a voice in my heart, it said ” do not look for God in sky, look for him in your own body, dear Oleksiy”. After that night, I realized that the Lord had spared me. I also understood that he expected enough of me – to return back to my nation and fight for the orphans and those who have difficulties. To stand behind the Christian principles and speak up for those who can not speak for themeselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. After high school, I would return to my nation Ukraine. Then really try to make a difference for every orphaned child in our nation.

The Lord spared me as I said fifteen years ago – but he wants me to return and thank him by acting politically. Family policy is number one for me – strong families are a strong Ukraine. The social sector is step number one for our country. A new system must be created, a new welfare that everyone can trust. This new system must be built on the Christian principles, which you can not sit on two chairs at the same time – you can not choose when you have the rights or obligations. The system is based on everyone being equal before the law – it does not turn a blind eye to some people. Everything is based on trust and confidence in welfare, state authorities and the government. You should not become a victim of crime as taxpayers when you want to take note of what you have paid – medical, police assistance, or school. Our people must see that it pays off to pay his taxes – the taxes that come in are for people, not for other interests. The families need to be supported more by the state.

The Lord has given me great trials at an early age – losing three parents in 17 years. Two biological parents in Ukraine and my dad here in Sweden. I believe the Lord has had a thought with all the pain and trials – to make me strong to large assignments. Today I am a strong young man – who will act!

It will be an honor to visit the World Light Foundation center in November. They have understood the Christian message – that the Lord commands the Church and every Christian to do everything possible in helping such children. Worthy representatives of the Lord. I support them with all my heart – I want to fight for them.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – I have found out why, to serve my nation Ukraine.

Christian Oleksiy Janér

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