Our children act to rescue a parent from human trafficking!

We PRAISE GOD that in the midst of difficult times in Ukraine, God gave our workers and students the opportunity to be part of a miracle! It began last fall when the biological mother of one of our sibling groups made contact with her children and showed interest in restoring relationship with them. She entered rehab and seemed to be doing well. And then nothing…..contact ended abruptly. All winter our children and staff prayed for this mother – prayed for God to reach her and draw her to His healing touch. Last week, she miraculously was able to make contact from the farm where she had been promised work, but was being drugged and held against her will as a slave! One of our staff, along with students, drove the distance to the farm and rescued her! She was found badly bruised and beaten and was taken to the hospital. This week she is in a safe rehab center beginning the healing process. Now that her immediate physical needs are met, please pray with us that she is healed completely and wholly – mind, body and soul.

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