Natalya’s Home opened to Crimean Refugees

As tensions remain high in Ukraine, especially in Crimea, many Crimeans are fleeing to the north, seeking refuge. Due to the urgent need of those displaced citizens, the staff at the WLF have temporarily moved our young men from Natalya’s Home and into the main Children’s Center. Luba, our director, has registered Natalya’s Home as a place for refugees. We thank God for the opportunity to share this home with a family or families in their time of need. Pray that all who come to Natalya’s Home for refuge will find Christ through the love of His children.


  1. Praying for the children and those who are taking care of such precious people for Gods kingdom.I hope I can continue to help sponsor.God always provides,mostly worrying about the money that is needed getting through.God bless those always helping these children and I pray I will be able to help more in the future.I love you all.Kathy Seibert from Living Hope Church.

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