A Cry for Ukraine, by Natalya Skala, WLF President

“…but He was pierced for our transgressions…and by His wounds we are healed….” Isaiah 53:4-7

Peace be with you dear brothers and sisters from our Lord Jesus Christ, and also to all of my friends on Facebook and Vkontakte.

Whether we are related, friends, or acquaintances it matters not. I write this letter for only one reason; I can no longer be silent, this letter is a cry-out of my heart.

I am a citizen of the United States of America, but was born and grew up in the Former Soviet Union. I am proud to be an American – this is my country, my home, but Russian will always remain my native language. Right now I appeal to all people of all nations in order to remind them just who the KGB were/are.

Here are a few facts about my family’s past:

As a little girl, I remember my family moving from city to city, from one republic to another for the sole purpose of keeping us (my brother, sisters, and myself) from being placed into orphanages – the place all children of Christian parents were sent.

My mother-in-law became an orphan at the young age of 6 on the streets of Porik (central Ukraine). Her father was arrested and sent to prison, betrayed by his own nephew for refusing to join the farm collectivization of the time (his nephew was a communist and responsible for said collectivization in their area). My mother-in-law miraculously survived, but that is a story for another letter. My own grandfather died in prison in the name of Christ and my uncle was imprisoned for 17 years, after-all, he WAS a pastor’s son!

And now about current events:

There are many different thoughts and opinions about the current situation in Ukraine and I neither strive (nor think I am likely) to change anyone’s position on the matter. All I hope to do is remind everyone that Putin was, in his day, a prime pupil of the KGB school of thought, the same school of thought that tortured and murdered millions of citizens of the former USSR! So, my question to everyone is, “What possible future awaits Ukraine if it is led by a ‘friend’ of such a man?!”

All of us have gone through personal struggles at some point; everyone deals with the hardships of life in their own way. However, approximately 2014 years ago, there was someone that lived in order that we could have an example to follow. “…but He was pierced for our transgressions…and by His wounds we are healed….” Are you reading this friends?!?! He died, so that we could live!!!! He suffered so that we no longer had to.

Ukraine is in pain today; she is suffering!!! Where are we?? What are we doing to ease her suffering?! 

God gave us life so that we could love and be loved, so let us love not in word alone, but with our ACTIONS!!! Arise Army of Christ, stand up for the protection of Ukraine!! Pray! Fast! Don’t remain indifferent.

Natalya Skala, President
World Light Foundation, Inc.

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