Help Vadeem save his eyesight!

Vadeem P  Close-up

Vadeem needs your help!  Vadeem joined the Children’s Center in the summer of 2013.  He has been losing weight and having physical issues.  Luba, the Children’s Center director, took him to see a doctor who determined he is losing his eyesight.  He then saw a specialist.  The specialist feels there is nothing that can be done to save his eyesight; however, the process may be slowed if he undergoes a series of shots to his eyes.  The shots cost $120 each.  The immediate need is about $500 to cover the series of shots and the travel to the hospital.

There is no money to fund this right now, but the doctors believe this treatment should be started immediately to prevent further digression of Vadeem’s eyesight. Vadeem has no family to help, only his sister, Tanya, who is also at the Children’s Center.  In the meantime, our staff is doing the proper paperwork to try to get disability benefits for Vadeem, but it may be several months before that is approved.

This is a child who has no one in the world to help him, but you. Would you pray for healing and consider giving funds to cover this medical expense for this orphaned child?  Please consider becoming an ongoing monthly sponsor for Vadeem to help offset the expenses from his medical and personal needs.  You can help Vadeem by clicking on our “Donate Now” button and sending funds for his care.

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