Welcome to World Light Foundation

Welcome to World Light Foundation, Inc. (WLF), a registered international nonprofit organization providing hope to children around the world, one child at a time. WLF currently operates in Ukraine and has established a Children’s Center and additional support foster homes that provide homes and families for orphaned and abandoned children.

Through the Children’s Center and these foster homes, children – who otherwise have no hope for a future – receive love, hope, relationships, stability, medical care, and education while living within a family in a Christ-centered home. Most of the children are from neglectful and abusive homes and have been abandoned or orphaned. Many are affected by HIV/Aids and/or other chronic illnesses.

As you explore this website and see what God is doing in the lives of those He has not forgotten, may you be blessed. God moves through people like you to change these children’s lives, one child at a time.